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Self Solemnization in Wisconsin

  1. Brittany says:

    Hello! Me and my fiancé are thinking about this option currently, is this article saying if you would like your wedding date to be for example 7/21/21 you would go fill out your wedding paperwork at the courts that day with no witnesses or officiants and sign it and then we can do our own ceremony that same day to do exchange of rings and photos?

    I am so new to this!

    • Jessie Schira says:

      Hey Brittany! Congrats on the engagement! So if you want to get married on 7/21/21 you would need to go the courthouse a minimum of 6 days and a maximum of 30 days prior- 7/15/21 would be the latest to go. I recommend calling your county clerks office though as some will waive the waiting period.

      Then once the paperwork is filed. You will receive it and be able to sign the paperwork yourself without any witnesses or officiants on 7/21/21, say your vows, take some photos, and pop some champagne!

  2. […] always easy, though, because most states require an officiant to sign the marriage license! In Wisconsin, Colorado, and a few other states, you can self solemnize. This ensures your elopement ceremony is […]

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