10 Reasons to Elope

Filed in Ceremony, elopements — March 11, 2021

Let’s be honest now, if you’ve landed on this page, the thought has likely crossed your mind. Maybe in the midst of writing your guest list and looking at centerpieces you’ve decided that the stress isn’t worth it, or maybe the thought of having 100 people watching you as you recite the most vulnerable words you’ve ever written down gives you the heebie jeebies, or maybe you just don’t think a huge party is your thing. 


Elopements are becoming more and more popular as couples start to realize that they don’t have to cave to the wedding industry, and if you think you might be in the same boat, ready to kick tradition to the curb, here are 10 reasons to elope!


1. Less Stress

It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful. Like, really, really stressful. There’s so much you have to do, and it can easily get overwhelming. So often, couples spend all that time planning, and then once the big day comes, they hardly get to enjoy it! They’re so busy making sure everything goes well and the guests are happy, that the day flies by in a blur, and it makes you wonder if the months of planning and stress were worth it.


2. No Drama

Any time weddings come up, there’s bound to be some drama. Family is especially notorious for having strong opinions when it comes to weddings, and often, these opinions and words of advice are unsolicited. As soon as you got engaged, it’s likely that you had old friends ask for plus ones, or people you haven’t spoken to in years demand an invitation, and it can be hard to field all the requests and demands!


Even the most loving families can give you a headache, but if you aren’t close with your family, wedding days can be an especially harsh reminder. If a huge wedding with your family in attendance is going to be stressful, or you don’t feel loved and supported, avoiding this drama is a perfect reason to elope.  

3. Spend Money on Experiences

Weddings are expensive – understatement of the century! The average cost of a wedding in the United States is about $30,000, which also happens to be about the price of a small car or a deposit on a house. Elopements aren’t about being cheap or cutting costs, but they do allow you to spend your hard earned money on the things you actually care about!


It’s a well known fact that experiences will make you happier than material possessions, so why not take the money you would have spent buying dinner for 200 guests, and use it for plane tickets, or a helicopter tour, or a new experience! One of the best reasons to elope is that you get to decide what matters to you, and what you want to invest in.


4. Reclaim Your Wedding Day

It seems like weddings have become about everyone but the couple. The focus is on throwing a party for everyone else to enjoy, when it should be on you! Eloping is about reclaiming your wedding day, and doing whatever you want. What would make your wedding day the best day ever? What would make you truly happy? Whether it’s hiking to the perfect ceremony location or spending the day relaxing in some hot springs, your elopement can be anything you want it to be!

5. All About You – Without the Audience

While you’re reclaiming your wedding day and making sure this day is all about you, you get to do that without all the attention! For a lot of people, being the center of attention for an entire day sounds a little scary – and one of the top reasons to elope is to ensure you get some privacy. You can spend the day doing whatever you want, without worrying that anyone is watching. 


A lot of couples elope just the two of them, but if you have some loved ones you want to bring along, you totally can! Remember, no rules! If your favorite people are on board and will add to your elopement day experience, they’re welcome to join.


6. More Eco-Friendly

Weddings produce a ton – actually, multiple tons, of waste, and as people become more conscious of their carbon footprint, sustainability is one of the biggest reasons to elope. Just by cutting down the number of guests, you’re already reducing your impact. Without single use plastics, centerpieces, and party favors that often end up in the trash, you’re taking a huge step to getting married in a more eco friendly way! Plus, elopements usually happen outdoors, and instead of paying thousands for a venue, the cost of a permit to elope in a national or state park will go to maintaining the land!

7. Spend the Day Together

And I mean actually spend the day together, not just the 15 minute ceremony and bumping into each other on the dance floor between talking to guests. Elopements allow you and your partner to be in the moment, present with each other, and spend meaningful time together – and isn’t that what getting married is all about?


8. Have an Adventure

Eloping is all about the experience, and if you’re a couple who loves to be outside and adventure together, you should start your marriage in a way that reflects who you are! You can do something you love, like visiting a favorite hiking trail, or try something new, like white water rafting. Whatever your adventure is, we can make it happen on your elopement day!


9. Get Married in Nature

Instead of a closed in venue, imagine saying your vows with an incredible backdrop behind you. There are infinite spots to choose from when you’re planning your elopement ceremony, and you get to decide what kind of scenery you want for your wedding day! 

10. Epic Photos

And speaking of nature and scenery, your elopement photos will be out of this world! Instead of the same poses and classic wedding photos, you’ll have pictures that actually reflect your personalities, and show you having a blast! A few posed photos are a must, but for the most part, your elopement photos will show you as you really are, and reflect all the big feelings of your wedding day. 

And speaking of photos, I think I can help with that! If you’re convinced, ready to kick tradition to the curb, and say “no thanks” to all the pressure and expectations of the wedding industry, contact me! Let’s start planning your adventure.


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