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Jessie Schira Photo

Midwest Elopement + Small
Wedding Photographer

Let’s Break Norms

For Couples Who Dare To Be Different

When It Comes To Love Stories, Yours Is Unlike Any Other

You’re not out to replicate yet another Pinterest fairytale wedding full of traditions no one really cares about or turn “I do” into a performance for hundreds. 

You value intimacy. Being present. Deep-belly giggles and stress-free bliss. You want your wedding to reflect who you are as a couple. Adventurous. Daring. Genuine. Free. Fun. Unapologetic. United.

Your Best
Adventure Awaits

So let’s write a story worth remembering, shall we?

You Do It Everyday

Why should your wedding
day be any different? 

Break norms. Write your own rules. Shatter expectations. Turn little moments into big adventures. 

Let's make that happen!

I’ll Just Come Out And Say It

Yeah yeah yeah, some people still don’t get it. The idea of breaking from tradition and seeking intimacy and adventure instead might earn you some eye rolls, but trust me—that all melts away when you’re saying your vows with a breathtaking backdrop of pristine, crystal lakes or jagged, slate peaks.

When you make the bold decision to elope, you’re choosing to set all the judgements and expectations of others aside and focus on what matters most: each other. 

You’re creating a day rooted solely in the people, places, and activities that bring you joy and showcase the best parts of your relationship. 

And in my opinion, there’s simply nothing more magical or worth solidifying on film forever, than that.

Elopements and small weddings are rad (and the superior choice, in my opinion)

Heck ya!

Wanna see some epic love in action?

Adventure | Explore | Connect 

Hey there, I’m Jessie —

Creating Epic Experiences and Holding Space For YOUR Love

A Midwest woman on a mission to celebrate and document couples from all over the world as they say “I do” in some of the most incredible nooks, crannies, peaks, valleys, and lakes this world has to offer.

I fell head over hiking boots for elopements while traveling with my hubby and our baby in our beloved Airstream #nomads. While on our own adventure, we kept stumbling upon wild weddings—deep in the forests, teetering at the tallest points, and every last adrenaline-inducing, jaw-dropping location you can imagine.

Not just the adventure—but the entire experience of creating a space couples felt seen, heard, valued, loved, and celebrated in. 

Come Hang Out

I immediately knew I was made for this. 

Beyond that, I knew I wanted to have a really good freaking time doing it. Because stuffy weddings and forced poses just aren’t my thing (and something tells me they aren’t yours, either). 

Did we just become best friends? 


(will travel for love) 

Before We Make This Official

-Everyone has the right to show up exactly as they are and be loved, no matter what
-Weddings should be fun, adventurous, and full of excitement—not stressful, dull, or just another performance 
-The best photos are the ones where you’re interacting exactly as you would if I weren’t around—goofy, connected, and madly in love

I believe...

There’s some things you should know

-Be there if you need suggestions, poses, or simply an extra hair tie or Kleenex 
-Come overly prepared so you don’t have to 
-Give you the space you need to feel extra comfortable on your best day yet

I will always...

-We find the perfect location and activities to make your elopement the day (or days!) you’ve been dreaming of
-You’re empowered to make decisions that feel right for YOU, and I’ll be behind you the entire time
-Your photos are more than just a checkbox on your “wedding planning to-do”—they’re a memory you’ll relive and passdown for lifetimes to come

It’s important to me that…

kind words:

"Jessie is an awesome photographer and a warm-hearted individual. She went out of her way to make our wedding day special. Jessie is so talented and has great passion for her work. The photos she delivered were perfect."


So what do you say? 

Ready to lace up, strap in, and get this party started? 

Say Less, I’m Ready

Where you can often find me:

South Dakota






Northern Utah




MOab, Utah


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