The 5 Best Small Wedding Venues in Door County

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Door County, on the eastern peninsula of Wisconsin, is a quaint area, surrounded by miles of rocky shoreline, gorgeous orchards, and endless scenery – as well as local restaurants, breweries, and shops! This spot is the perfect place to tie the knot for any couple who wants to be surrounded by natural beauty, whether it’s views of Lake Michigan or woodsy scenery. While Door County has plenty of options for couples who have a tiny elopement ceremony, if you plan an intimate wedding and need a little more room, or you want a private place to exchange vows and celebrate with your loved ones, this guide will tell you about five of the best small wedding venues in Door County!



The Best Small Wedding Venues in Door County

Finding a wedding venue is one of the first things most couples do when they start planning, and it’s pretty important – since this is the place you’ll always remember as the spot where you tied the knot and kicked off your marriage! Here are a few ideas for small wedding venues in Door County.


High Point Inn

The High Point Inn, located in Ephraim is just minutes away from the Green Bay waterfront and from Sister Bay, where you’ll find the hustle and bustle of a small town with shops, restaurants, and more. It’s also close to Peninsula State Park, with serene hiking trails perfect for outdoor adventures. 


A quaint inn like this one is the perfect place to tie the knot – you get a place to stay, a beautiful place to exchange vows, and somewhere to celebrate with your friends and family! At the High Point Inn, you can get married amongst the manicured lawn and the gardens filled with blooming flowers, with a small ceremony in front of the inn.


There are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites available for you and any guests, as well as amenities like the two pools, a hot tub, cozy fireplaces, outdoor patios, and kitchens where you can make dinner and dessert for your reception! The inn is the perfect combination of relaxed countryside vibes and luxury.  


Hillside Waterfront Hotel

The Hillside Waterfront Hotel is a charming bed and breakfast in Ephraim, and one of the most incredible small wedding venues in Door County!


You can exchange vows on a bluff that overlooks Eagle Harbor, and enjoy one of Door County’s unforgettable sunsets over the water, and choose from several options for lodging. You can stay in the main hotel building, in one of the five rooms with balconies that offer views of the water, or choose one of the two private cottages! The charming cottages offer everything you need – a kitchen, a spacious living area, cozy fireplaces, and gorgeous views. 


The Hillside Waterfront Hotel is located in the heart of Ephraim, so you and your guests are just a short walk away from kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and more on the water, and from the local restaurants – be sure to stop at Wilson’s for ice cream!


Kith and Kin

Kith and Kin is an incredible place on the shore of Kangaroo Lake, and one of the best small wedding venues in Door County for couples who love the outdoors! The property was bought by a couple who lives close by, who restored the three cottages and created a place for people to gather – “Kith and Kin” is an Old English phrase that means friends and family.


There are three cottages on the lake, along with a communal dining area perfect for a small reception with the people you love. On the lake, you can enjoy the private dock and take a boat out on the water, or hop in for a swim. End the night with s’mores around the fire and a stunning sunset over Kangaroo Lake. You’ll have Kith and Kin all to yourself, and it’s an incredible place to tie the knot!


Sail Door County

This one’s a truly unique small wedding venue in Door County – one where you and a few loved ones take off in a sailboat! Sail Door County offers two boats, a small 40 foot one that’s great for tiny ceremonies of up to six guests, and a bigger, 65 foot schooner where you can get married with up to 23 people.


You’ll sail along the gorgeous bluffs and enjoy views of the water, and the boat gives you a truly one of a kind place to tie the knot! The wooden spars and decks, and the vintage bronze decor makes for a gorgeous backdrop, along with the sparkling water and incredible sunsets you’ll see. The captains of the boat are even ordained, and can perform your ceremony! As an added bonus, this small wedding venue is dog friendly, so you can bring your pup.


Silver Poplar Studios

Silver Poplar Studios is a quaint countryside home, built to resemble the “dachas” (summer homes) in Russia. It’s a collection of a few vintage homes, including a log house and a few cottages. This small wedding venue truly looks like it came out of a fairytale, with fields of flowers and tall grass, some more manicured gardens, and gorgeous backdrops amongst the rustic buildings!  


You can stay in the adorable cottages, and relax at this quiet retreat in Door County.


Looking for the Best Small Wedding Venues in Door County?

If you’re looking for a place to get married and begin your lives together, Door County is the perfect destination – whether you live nearby or you travel to get here! Be sure to check out the Lake Michigan shoreline, the five state parks and dozens of county parks, the beaches, and the wilderness that makes this place the perfect nature retreat. 


After you’ve found the perfect venue for you, the next step is to find a photographer! I love connecting with adventurous couples and sharing some of my favorite places all over Door County – so if you’re ready to tie the knot and plan a stress free day, contact me!