3 Tips for Couples Recently Engaged

Filed in Ceremony, elopements, Intimate weddings — June 25, 2021

So you’re engaged?

Let’s start with congratulations! You might have noticed that the moment you announced your engagement, folks started sharing opinions and the guest list was getting longer and longer. If you are feeling anxious about all the things associated with a wedding, here are 3 tips for couples recently engaged on how to handle that stress:


1. Enjoy the season

Holy moly, you just got engaged! If you are like me- a sappy, love-obsessed, millennial that can’t get enough of their significant other- then you know how wonderful it is to find the person you want to spend the rest of you life with.

And as with everything in life, with the exception of the dentist, this time will go fast. Before you know it you will be walking down the aisle or up the mountain to say your “I Dos”. All I can say is enjoy this time together. Tell everyone the wonderful story of how you got engaged and dream big about your life together.


2. Make a list of priorities

I am not sure I can say this enough but your wedding should be about you and the life you are choosing to put together with your person. If a big traditional wedding is the right choice for you, then do it! But don’t feel pressured to have a wedding that doesn’t yell your names out. If you like to hike, do that. If you love the beach, go there. Get married in a way that feels like you and feels like the best way for you to start your married life together.

When you start planning, the first thing I recommend doing is to make a list of both of your priorities. What matters to you? What doesn’t matter to you? When you think of weddings you have been to, what were things you loved and what were things that made you say “ewwww, no thank you”?

Some examples of priorities could be:

  • less stress
  • cost
  • money spent of experiences rather than things
  • adventure
  • a specific date that matters to you
  • guests- the option to keep it intimate
  • food
  • environment- traditional weddings tend to lead to lots and lots of trash

3. What brings you happiness?

At the end of your wedding day, you are gonna be married. IT IS A BIG DEAL. You are choosing each other and that deserves to bring warm fuzzies and big smiles. It should’t bring dread, frustration, and stress.

If getting married just the two of you or with a small group of your closest people sounds appealing, do it. Your day should bring joy and you get to choose what that joy looks like.

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