Devil’s Lake Styled Adventure Elopement

Filed in Ceremony, elopements, Intimate weddings — June 9, 2021

The Driftless area is a region in southwestern Wisconsin that escaped the carving of glaciers. The result is steep ridges, deep river valleys, and rugged terrain. It is means that there are cliffs that are great for climbing and a deep lake created by the glacial water. Devil’s Lake State Park is located in this area and has both a deep lake thats perfect for those hot summer days and high cliffs for the adventurous hiker. If you are someone who likes to adventure, it is the perfect place for you. The cliffs are particularly well known for great climbing.

Choosing to Climb on Your Wedding Day

Elopements are in many ways about breaking from tradition and creating a day that is best for you. If you are someone who loves to climb, then why not climb on your wedding day? If you are someone who loves water sports, then why not enjoy a relaxing float on the water. There are few limits to what you can do on your wedding day.


When I first connected with these two about a potential climbing styled shoot, I was jumping up and down in giddiness. I love that folks can choose to adventure in different ways that expresses what they love to do together and showcases who they truly are. Climbing is something they love to do. Add in a few seltzers, a paddle board, and an incredible sunset, and you’ve got an incredible night.