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Jessie Schira Photo

My Shooting Style

Photos that tell a story.

I'm a sucker for stories...

And in every story, there’s that moment that grabs you by the heart and makes you lean in to listen closely. It’s this window into the soul of the story—a place that is vulnerable, honest, and meaningful.

I am that person leaning in.

And your wedding is that unforgettable story I celebrate. You’re turning your heart inside out for this one other person—your True North—and sharing yourself completely. As your photographer, I capture your story so your friends and family can lean in, listen closely, and discover your love story. 

Contact Me

“Yeah, but we’re kinda awkward in front of the camera …”

I don’t expect you to show up being professional models. You’re not going to always know just how to stand or what to do with your hands. That’s why I’m here to be your guide. I’ll never stick you in stiff, unnatural poses. Instead, I’ll help you get comfortable, have a laugh, and discover the best way to be genuine in front of the camera. It’s different for everyone, so I treat every couple like the unique, rad people they are. The important thing? I’m all about quality, not quantity...

Getting to know my couples is one of my favorite parts of my job. We’ll talk pets, share a drink, trade adventure stories, and get comfy with each other, so when it comes to photos it’s like you’re chilling with a friend. That right there—being comfortable with me—is a HUGE part of creating authentic photos that capture your real personality. You’re never just “some wedding” for me. I am invested in helping you make your wedding the exact day you want, from planning and timelines, sharing my resources and recommendations, or just being your sounding board for new ideas. 

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All that means by the time your wedding day arrives, I’m not just some girl with a camera. I’m your friend with a camera.

Dude. I get it.

You do you. Enjoy this crazy amazing day. I’ll deliver the killer shots that’ll take you right back to your wedding day every time you see them.

We’ll work together to make every shot magic.

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